Aegir Hoss

Captain of the Grey Mare, a keelboat


Captain of the Grey Mare. Like many of Grey Dales residents he is tall, grim, and hard of heart. He has grey eyes and long dark hair constantly tied up in a ponytail. His dark weather stained skin reveals a life working on the river. The water has even stained his skin over time giving it an ever so slight grey hue. His hardened exterior conceals a softer side to the man. He is a soft spoken family man with a big heart who strives to do right by all he meets. As such his small crew of 3 are extremely loyal and follow his quiet commands with vigor.


Aegir comes from a long line of rivermen who have made their living doing various tasks on the Grey River. When Aegir isn’t patrolling he can be found floating stone or fishing. Unknown by most is that Aegir will occasionally smuggle people or items over the border. However he does this not for selfish reasons as he makes no money from the endeavors. He tries to only help the meek and needy who may be fleeing their country due to some persecution. Hakon is aware of Aegirs illegal activity, but chooses to pass a blind eye considering the circumstances.

Aegir brought his men and his boat to accompany the adventurers on their mission to remove the Dokkalfari pirates from the Gray River delta and beyond. During the events of The Blood of Sailors he was nearly burned alive, nearly drowned, and his ship was turned into a battered wreck that could barely stay afloat. But somehow he was able to hang on with both his life and the life of his men. Although his trust towards the players and Hakon is not what it once was, he will always remember that it was Vaughnsin that pulled him out of the drink and saved his life with timely healing. He also wears the scars proudly knowing that he helped remove a most vicious band of pirates, a fact he is now fond of reminding his wife and children about as often as he can.

Aegir Hoss

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