Alpiofr Ufr (Deceased)

A Dokkalfari pirate captain


One of the Dokkalfars ruling members. He is an elf of medium height and is rather chubby as elves go. He has jet black hair cropped short and slicked back and also has bright blue eyes. Although he is not the greatest physical specimen that his species has to offer he carries with him an aura of menace that will stop most from saying anything about his appearance. Despite his weight, he still forms a striking figure dressed in a black tunic decorated in deep blue and green waves. When expecting a fight he dawns hide armor over his tunic which is rumored to be made of the skin of a Nereid who once tried to seduce him.

Incredibly cunning and vicious he has been labeled one of the most dangerous elves currently alive. The danger of the man comes not from his physical prowess, but rather from his sharp mind.


Alpiofr is a master of military and social strategy, very few have ever bested him. He never fights fair and will use anything and everything he has at his disposal to destroy an opponent. Never showing mercy unless it furthers his own goals he is a man without honor who will do whatever is necessary to feed his own desires. Despite his evil nature he has surrounded himself with an incredibly loyal crew. It is unknown by most whether or not he rules over his crew using fear of if they genuinely respect him. In truth it is neither of these, he is simply the best at what he does and his men become rich as long as they are under his employ. His success has earned him the trust of his men and as such he has created a fearless crew of veteran pirates who are only driven by their own greed.

During the events of the Blood of Sailors, Alpiofr was able to consistently outmaneuver the adventures. But it was all for not, in the end he lost his life and his ship when one bold move by the adventures caught him and his crew unaware.

Alpiofr Ufr (Deceased)

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