Baron Hossari

An Elven Diplomat


An elven diplomat charged with keeping the peace between elves and human. He is open minded for an elf, but still shares his races immense pride and susceptibility to offense. He is short for an elf but wears the long fair hair of his people.


Stationed in Riverwall as a diplomat to Lord Moriok, he performed his duties admirably until just prior to the events of the Riverwall Gambit. When the adventurers infiltrated Riverwall, he accompanied them across the Grey River to the elven city of Amontas in what he believed was purely an effort to help them sue for peace. He now suspects that he was duped by the adventures, but has gotten over any anger he felt now that he sees the lasting stability the adventurers actions have brought to the region. He once again resides in Riverwall where he acts as a diplomat and aid to Lady Silvine.

Baron Hossari

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