Jack Numos (MIA)

Lord Morioks Captain of the Guard


Previous captain of the guard in Riverwall. He is also in charge of training the household troops and keeping the peace with the elves. Despite recently being appointed to the position, Numos is one of Lord Morioks most trusted confidants, and unlike many of Morioks servants he is actually good at his job. However he is just one man and struggles to accomplish all his duties. He can often be seen walking around in a polished splint mail and an ornate burgundy coat lined with mithril about his shoulders. If not for his armor Numos would be a completely average looking man, easily forgettable save for a small limp. Numos is currently engaged to Lady Silvine.


Numos was born in a moderate sized farmstead located north of Kaer Maga and south of Grande Haef. His family was the poorest of the farmstead as his father was a drunk with a gimp leg and was not often able to work. Consequently Numos grew knowing hunger and desperation. Though his father was not an evil man and was not overly abusive towards Numos or his mother, Numos still grew with the shame of his father hanging over his head.

HIs childhood in the farmstead was otherwise normal. He made friends with the other children, attended school and worked the fields with his parents. His life took a turn when he was 15 and accidentally set part of a wheat field ablaze. Others around him noticed the stunned look in his face as a fire enveloped his hand, shaking it out he flung small flames onto the field. It was determined that he had latent magical abilities. A year later some of the kings agents visited the farmstead to offer him a chance to develop his magical skills in the kings service. Thus he joined a group of mages in Seiorgorod. By the time he was 18 it was determined that his magical abilities were insufficient for performing any real magic and he was released by the mages. Having experienced life in a bigger city, and enjoying the separation from his father, he did not wish to return home. With no where else to go, Numos Joined the army.

It was in the army that Numos made a name for himself. During The Battle of Beard Hill Numos came face to face with a dwarven general whom he defeated and in doing so turned the tides of the battle. He was rewarded for his efforts with the command of a small unit of soldiers. Over time the size of his unit grew and he was promoted to Captain. When orcs once again began assailing The Shattered Wall his company was one of the first to man the ramparts. For many years Numos and his men defended the ramparts from the orc menace. It was on a training exercise beyond the wall where Numos met his supposed demise.

Numos and his men were waylaid by a vast number of orcs. It didn’t take long for Numos to determine that he was greatly outnumbered. He ordered a retreat so that forces on the wall could be warned of the impending attack. Numos and some of his most loyal stayed behind to to give the rest of his troops a window to escape. Those watching from afar swear they saw Numos and all of his retinue cut down just as the last of his men reached safety. Such was the vastness of the orc host that the southern section of the wall was almost taken. Had it not been for the warning from Numos’ troops and the valiant efforts of Hakon (who rallied the troops on the wall), the wall would have surely been breached.

Two years after Numos’ death a sentry along the wall near Skjaldborg sees an armor clad man limping through the woods When the man is retrieved he seems to have amnesia he has no idea where he is or who he is. He is filthy and clearly malnourished, his armor is rent and torn, but asides from the limp he is not seriously injured. His body has small scars indicating a man who has spent his life fighting, but nothing that would indicate he ever went through serious trauma. It is by chance that a soldier of his old company recognizes him to be Numos. He is kept in care and with the help of soldiers from his former unit, he slowly regains his memory. He claims to have been captured by the orcs and held prisoner for many years. One day two orc clans clash and a fight breaks out. In the ensuing chaos Numos is able to escape. The journey home was treacherous and almost kills him and he claims he is lucky to have been seen by the scout as in his current state it was unlikely that he would have even recognized the fortress as his goal.

He recovers from the ordeal surprisingly quickly. In only a day he seems a new man. He enjoys his time among his old friends and comrades in arms, but most claim that he is a changed man. They say that there is a wildness and a fear to him now that has replaced his usual stoicism. He never seems to be at ease, but given time even this new trait seem to fade away, though not entirely. He can still be seen looking over his shoulder as if he feels he is being chased by some beast. His time along the wall is short lived however. Because of his limp and the state in which he was found it is determined by his superiors that he is no longer fit to lead men and is released from his service in the military. Though many of his comrades are surprise, the news does not seem to cause Numos any distress. Although it is clear that he does not wish to leave his comrades, it seems as if the valiant man they once new is gone and another has replaced him. He leaves a few days after his dismissal and no one on the wall has heard from him since.

During his absence he visits his now widowed mother only once. She also notes that he is a changed man. He stays with her for only a night before leaving early in the morning heading south. He will not say where it is that he goes.

Eventually he joins Moriok as Captain of the Guard. Shortly after he obtains this position Moriok seemingly goes insane and the stability of the region collapses leading to the events of the Riverwall Gambit. After the adventurer confront Numos he flees and has not been heard from since.

Jack Numos (MIA)

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