Hakon Gunnar

Lord of Graydale and Riverwall. Employer of the adventurers.


Hakon Freyr is a minor lord who presides over the lands surrounding Graydale. Though his seat in this backwater station is not prestigious, you will find that his ambition far outweighs his position.

Hakon is a tall man, about as tall as they come, though he is otherwise of an average build. He has fair features, pale skin, short dark brown hair, almost black, and a demeanor of pure discipline. He can most often be found training his troops in the Grey Keeps courtyard. While training he is always in full battle regalia. He wears a shining breastplate decorated with a warhorse motif over which sits a resplendent uniform coat with icons that display rank as well as past military engagements and honors. (It is custom for military men to tattoo symbols on their body that indicate what battles they have been a part of, but such things are seen to be beneath an officer, so instead they have the symbols woven into their uniform.) Draped across his shoulders is a grey cloak lined with silver and another brilliant warhorse emblem in the center. When not dressed for battle he can be seen wearing the grey workmen’s clothes unique to the area although he still wears his cloak; he is never seen without it. Sometimes when his station calls for it he will dress up in a ceremonial nobles uniform, but unlike his military gear it is plain and unendowed save for his cloak and three ornate rings he also seems to wear at all times.


Hakon is a disciplined man with a strong set of ideals. He is ferociously loyal to those who serve him and consequently he has almost unwavering loyalty from his followers. His past is shrouded in mystery and even those closest to him don’t know the whole tale. What is commonly known is that Hakon came to preside over this land only two years ago. He was appointed by the king for reasons unknown. Before coming to Greydale Hakon was a renowned commander of the western legions. Supposedly, for many years he was a great hero in the effort to keep the orc menace from beyond the mountains at bay. What happened since then and how it came to be that the king has assigned him to Greydale has yet to be seen.

Hakon Gunnar

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