Helzt Gunnar

A monster hunter. Hakons elder brother


Helzt is a travelling monster hunter and also Hakons older brother. He is tall, although not as tall as Hakon, and has a build that is simultaneously sturdy and lithe. His bronzed skin is covered in a tapestry of scars which stretch tightly over layers of lean, powerful muscle. His brown hair is cut short, the same length as his thick beard. He would have a handsome face, if not for the scars and a nose that has clearly been broken multiple times. He is often described as looking tired, save for his keen eyes which miss nothing.

In casual situations he can be found wearing a comfortable looking, loose open shirt and sturdy leather breaches. When travelling he adds a thick fur cloak, tight fitting leather gloves, and a pair of high leather boots that have seen far too much use. Rarely, some might find him sparring or practicing his craft in some form. In these moments he is found wearing a suit of Mithril full plate that seems a second skin to him. Also of note is that in these moments he will be covered head to toe in various weapons. It is a favorite past time of many of Hakons troops to exaggerate the number of swords, knives, spears, and shields that Helzt must own. What the troops swear that they do not exaggerate however, is his combat prowess. Although the nature of the way he completes his business does not give cause to great fame, those that claim to have seen him fight swear that surely there is no deadlier human in all the kingdom.

He is a bit odd of mind after spending so much time in the wilderness, usually on his own, or perhaps he has seen too much. Regardless, he is found to be most often quiet and contemplative, but when he does speak others have a hard time following his meaning. He is clearly not at home in court life and will never be seen at Nobels affairs, even though technically he is of noble birth. Most seem to have completely forgotten this fact which suits Helzt quite nicely.

Little is known about the man known in some circles as the Willful One. He spends most of his time ranging far from civilization in the little known places of the world. Although Graydale is his home, he spends only a few weeks there a year. Often staying overnight and leaving the next morning without saying where it is that he goes. In the days that he does spend longer in Graydale it seems to be only to argue with his brother. A pastime both of the Gunnar siblings seem to be very fond of when together.

Helzt Gunnar

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