James Jameson (Deceased)

A powerful nobleman and general


James cuts the stunning figure of a perfect noble. Back straight as an arrow, head high and lips set in a permanent sneer.


James Jameson is an ambitious and xenophobic nobleman and general who commanded Hakon many years ago. He has since retired from his military duties but still has a lot of influence among the generals around the realm. He is a staunch supporter of humanity and is extremely loyal to the King, but for some reason has become an enemy of Hakon.

It was partly through James influence that Hakon was removed from his post on the Shattered Wall. Years later he orchestrates an assassination against Hakon which failed thanks to the intervention of the adventurers. Hakon sends the adventurers to either uncover evidence of James involvement in the assassination attempt or to return the favor. They succeed at both tasks.

James Jameson (Deceased)

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