Jorund Halvard

Hakons Top Lieutenant and Bodyguard


A huge half-orc. Though not as tall as Hakon he is built like a stone dragon, broad of shoulder and thick of leg. He is also one of the ugliest men you have ever seen, almost as ugly as a pureblood orc. His face is covered in scars and you imagine the rest of him must be just as beat up. He has a thick metal band on his head, on his chest a breastplate made out of some unknown material, and on his shoulders lay huge pauldrons each shaped like the head of a snarling lion. Jorund is Hakons bodyguard and closest confidant, he also leads Hakons men into battle when Hakon is unable to. The two of them are inseparable and Hakon is quick to note that without Jorunds constant vigilance and companionship Hakon would have been dead or lost long ago.


Little is known about Jorunds past other than he fought with Hakon in many of humanities wars. It says something about his fortitude that he was able to whether the extreme racism he surely must have faced as a member of the human military, who’s greatest enemy is orc kind.

Jorund Halvard

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