Lady Silvine

A Lady of Riverwall. Hakons ward.

Lord Morioks only daughter. She is fair skinned with long dark hair and can often be seen walking through the town of Riverwall in a plain white dress. She does not fit the image of a typical noble. She is short and a little plump, but still beautiful in her own way. She is much loved by the townspeople and one of the powerful sources of good in the village.

When she was younger she lost her mother to sickness leaving Lord Moriok as her sole caretaker. Some might imagine that an upbringing by Moriok might have been less than stellar, but Moriok was not always the man he is today and Silvine had a pleasant childhood. Silvine is a lover of peace, her desires are simply to marry Captain Numos and live the rest of her days in Riverwall with many children. However the recent events and tensions has left her worrying about war. She fears that she may lose both her loves if conflict were to break out with the elves. Losing her mother was hard enough, the possibility of losing her father and her fiance is more than she can bare.

Her fathers death and the disappearance of her fiance, following the events of the Riverwall Gambit, have left her shining less brightly in recent years. However, she has done excellently as mayor of Riverwall, now even more loved by the people. She remains a staunch ally of Hakon and has helped solidify his influence over his new holdings.

Lady Silvine

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