Lord Moriok (Deceased)

Ex-Lord of Riverwall


A minor lord with a station similar to that of Hakon. He is tasked with maintaining and defending the land around Riverwall as well as training troops to send to the eastern front. Unlike Hakon however Lord Moriok performs these duties less than admirably. Moriok is both lazy and greedy, although luckily the greed is not backed up by much ambition. He is content to sit in his throne room where he eats and drinks and is entertained by his hafling minstrels. There he sits in lavish robes of red with gold trim, surrounded by his servants while others run his estate. Moriok might have been a handsome man if not for his weight, he has pale clear skin, a full head of dark hair, and soft features. Though Moriok possesses many undesirable qualities he is not completely without heart and can sometimes be reasoned with to do the right thing.


Lord Moriok (Deceased)

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