Stanley Estoc (Deceased)

A nobleman with criminal ties


Stanley Estoc Is a stick thin pompous man who owns land just to the north of the capital. He’s influential but unlike by many.

In the days of Stanley’s youth Hakon was ever his rival. It was discovered he was working with James Jameson to orchestrate the assignation of Hakon. Because of his criminal ties he was able to put a bounty out on Hakons head in ways that James could not. He planned on donating some of his land as payment for the bounty. Ever the schemer though the land was found to be mostly worthless as there are no resources to be found there and the land is no good for farming.

While moving to a hideout to lay low after the failed assignation attempt the adventures ambushed him and killed him along with his retinue. They also discovered documents in his manor that incriminated him and James.

Stanley Estoc (Deceased)

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