Vaenn Tengsl

Guildleader of the Sigling crew


The head representative of the hired crew of the Sigling. She is a tall, lithe woman with the sun bronzed skin of a sailor. She has dark brown hair which runs in a long braid down her back. While working she keeps her braid wrapped around her body to keep it out of the way. When the players first meet her they will take her to be a meek and soft spoken character and indeed she is this way, but only when on land. While at sea she is cool, confident, and collected. And while she may seem frail at first glance, any who watch her work will see that she is incredibly strong and is covered in the sinewy muscle of someone who has spent a lifetime driving ships.


Vaenn is a hard working and trustworthy sailor who has captained many different ships in her lifetime. In her mid 30’s she is a wise and experienced sailor who is well known around Hofnberg. She handpicked the crew for this mission and has worked with many of them before. Since she is a woman she has always run into trouble with new crew members who have not yet learned to respect her. However, while she is soft spoken on land, on a ship she is a force to be reckoned with and will quickly get the new crew members into line.

After the events of the blood of sailors Vaenn got new crews together and hunted down the remaining pirates who she now hates with a passion. She has also sworn to never work with the adventurers again, although she offers them her begrudging respect. She is happy that the seas she sails are now free of pirates, but she will always bear the internal scar of crewmen lost in that vicious conflict.

Vaenn Tengsl

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